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    Laila’s Fight; Thru the eyes of a zombie baby

    Laila is a 9 year old angel who is fighting for her life. She needs a kidney as soon as possible. She is O+ and can only recieve O+.

    Laila is from the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation. She is suffering from End-Stage Renel Disease. Her mother set up a Facebook page to raise awareness for her daughter, and other children who are in need of a kidney. Please Support Laila and help spread the word! Maybe we can find her a kidney!

    Like her facebook page! Laila’s Fight; Thru the eyes of a zombie baby


21. Student. Oglala Lakota. I love videogames, art, piercings, and my culture. I use humor to laugh off the ignorance. I tend to talk about my boyfriend a little too much. And I'll put how much I miss my dead best friend from time to time.